Hogan's Alley Paintball LLC
Connecticut's premier store and field

Founded in 1998, Hogan's Alley has been bringing players all over the country paintball supplies and reliable service for over 17 years. Hogan's Alley has always been a one stop shop for knowledge, gear, service, and games.

Check out our rewards program that helps out our loyal customers. You get 1 point for every dollar you spend; points can then be redeemed for credit on your next purchase.

Hogan's Alley has always been about service. We have technicians on staff every day (even weekends) to answer your questions and help with your products long after you make your purchase. We service everything we sell, and have a parts selection better than anyone else in the world. At our facility we can repair, manufacture, and hydrotest. Give us a call at 203-238-2875 and speak to one of our paintball experts.

For more information about playing paintball at our facility, visit our main website at