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Tippmann Stryker AR1 Elite
Tippmann Stryker AR1 Elite

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The Stryker series combines Tippmann’s rugged looks and unparalleled durability with the type of spool valve drivetrain normally found in tournament style markers. The result is a light-weight scenario gun with smooth, quiet, and accurate operation. Every marker in the Stryker Series features a modular body kit, ported barrel, anti-chop vision system, easy access drivetrain, and programmable circuit board. The Elite Series comes with additional performance upgrades. Leave the competition behind at your next scenario event with a Stryker.

Spool Valve Drivetrain
The AR1 Elite's Stryker core utilizes a spool valve design that is very similar to the proven Ion and eNMEy cores. The Stryker Core operates at a low pressure for smooth, quiet operation that has minimal recoil, is gentle on paint, and is more accurate than previous Tippmann cores. For fast and easy maintenance, the entire drivetrain can be accessed through the back of the marker by removing the stock and unscrewing the core's back cap.

True Electro-Pneumatic Operation
The AR1 Elite does not use any springs or sears. Instead, a solenoid controller delivers precise amounts of air to the lone moving part in the Stryker core which functions as its bolt and valve. The result is a more efficient system with no metal-on-metal wear. Less wear means less maintenance, so you can stay on the field and out of the staging area.

Programmable Circuit Board
The AR1 Elite is controlled by a user-programmable circuit board. The board features four main modes of fire: semi-auto, burst fire, ramping (circuit controlled shooting), and full-auto. These modes can be adjusted to shoot at a rate of fire between 5 and 10 BPS. A tournament lock prevents accidental programming during game play. Other adjustable settings include dwell, trigger debounce, vision sensor sensitivity, burst shot count, and ramp start, sustain and reset. The board is powered by a 9-volt battery and uses a micro-switch for an ultra-light trigger pull.

Break-Beam Vision
The AR1 Elite features a break-beam vision system. Also called "eyes", sensors in the breech detect whether or not a ball is fully loaded in the breech. With the vision system engaged, the MP1 will not fire until it detects a paintball, even if the trigger is activated. The vision virtually eliminates chopped paint, helps keep your AR1 Elite cleaner in between maintenance cycles, and keeps you in the game longer. The sensitivity of the vision system can be programmed to the user's liking.

Rip Clip Loader System
The AR1 Elite comes standard with an Empire Rip Clip. The Rip Clip is an electronic force-feeding loader that features sound activation and vision sensors for accurate feed initiation and automatic jam clearing. The system mounts on the side of the AR1 Elite for an unobstructed sight-line. A standard elbow attachment is included with the AR1 Elite for players who wish to use a more traditional loader system.

Apex2 Barrel System
The AR1 Elite comes standard with an Apex2 barrel system. The Apex2 allows players to adjust the angle and curvature of their shots by using the angle adjustment slider and rotating mock silencer tip. With the Apex2, it is possible to shoot around corners and over bunkers from a distance. Like the rest of the Stryker line, the AR1 Elite is Autococker threaded, so you can use any 'Cocker threaded barrel if you prefer a more traditional approach.

Vertical Regulator
The AR1 Elite comes standard with an adjustable regulator that is hidden in the marker's mock magazine. The consistent regulator adjusts with ease, performs consistently, and is user serviceable.

Light-weight Modular Design
The AR1 Elite body is constructed from a durable and light-weight composite material. The folding stock and M4-style barrel shroud can be removed and replaced with other Stryker series parts. A Picatinny top rail allows for the easy installation of any compatible accessories, such as sights, scopes, and flashlights.

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